An 8-Day Culinary Journey
On this trip, Diane works together with friend, Peter Minakis, aka Kalofagas, one of the most popular Greek food bloggers. They put together an unforgettable culinary and cultural journey through the undiscovered wine country of Northern Greece.
You will visit Greece’s most renowned vineyards, meet her most accomplished wine makers and live the experience of the grape harvest, visit bustling markets, dine on a vast range of Northern Greek specialties from hand-made filo pies to a rainbow of meze plates to haute molecular cuisine, game, seafood, fabulous desserts and more. And, of course, you will sip some of the most delicious and undiscovered wines and spirits in the world.
Thessaloniki, sometimes called the Sweet Mother because of her tradition in pastry and confection, is the base of this tour. Accommodation is provided in one of the city’s top hotels. The culinary journey includes:
•       A visit to Naoussa or Amyntaion, complete with wine-maker feasts, tastings, and several unforgettable meals by some of Greece’s top regional chefs.
•       Visits to the Babatzim organic winery and distillery and meeting with the owner, Anestis Babatzim, a modern-day Zorba the Greek.
•       Visit to Epanomi and the Gerovasiliou Estate, home of countless award-winning wines and one of the largest wine museums in Europe.
•       Hands-on and demo cooking classes with Diane Kochilas and local cooks, where  the arts of filo, of preparing meze, of fish and seafood cookery, of making healthy, delicious pastries and more will be discovered.
•       Day trip to a unique nature preserve and/or a unique game farm.
•       Tour of the Modiano, Thessaloniki’s most famous market, with samplings of local specialties at every stop.
•       A tour of the stunning archaeological site of Pella and Vergina, Alexander the Great’s birthplace.
•       Walking tour of Thessaloniki, which has been a vibrant city for more than two millennia and visit of the ancient, Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman and Jewish landmarks.
•       Excursion to Xanthi, one of the most picturesque cities in Greece.
•       Visits with local food artisans and producers, farmers, distillers, bakers, confectioners and more.

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